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Affordable Community
Care Program

Warren-Wentworth Ambulance Service (WWAS) understands that a medical transportation can be unexpected and a costly expense. To financially safeguard your family against unforeseen medical emergencies, WWAS now offers an Affordable Community Care Program to our 911 communities.


The Affordable Community Care Program offered through WWAS covers out of pocket expenses to our 911 communities of any medically necessary ambulance transports. Our subscription program is NOT HEALTH INSURANCE and does NOT replace your primary insurance.


In the event of a medical emergency, a subscriber’s primary insurance would be billed. Any additional balances, deductibles, or co-pays not covered by the insurance for services deemed medically necessary would be covered through WWAS Affordable Community Care Program.


Join today and let us help you protect your family’s physical and financial health in an emergency.

Choose your plan

  • Individual

    Every year
    Affordable Community Care Program Subscription
  • Household

    Every year
    Affordable Community Care Program Subscription
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