446 NH Route 25

P.O. Box 219

Warren, NH 03279

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WWAS is an active community member of the Baker Valley who takes immense pride in the health and wellness of our community members! We will stop by yours, a neighbor or family member's home and check on them. We will check up for your peace of mind!

To request a Wellness Check via email fill out the request for service form below and we will get back to you! You can also call our office at (603) 764-9494

This is a free service provided to our community so we can empower people to live independent, safe lives! Never feel ashamed or feel like a bother calling for help, we are always a call away! There are a number of reasons to request a Wellness Check and many more we don't have listed:

  • Post Surgery Check up

  • Assisting with new medications

  • Adapting to a new health situation

  • Providing assistance or education with your health

  • Welfare check ups for at risk populations

  • Fall Safety assessment of your home

Please note: Calls will be answered immediately and the request will be process that day, where as an email may take longer

For Life-Threatening Emergencies Call 911