WWAS knows that patients may need to be moved to a different care facility or are unable to make appointments due mobility or medical limitations. We provide transfers for patients that may be covered by your insurance.*

If you would like to schedule a transfer or have questions on price fill out the request for service form below and we will get back to you! You can also call our office at (603) 764-9494

There are a number of reasons to request a Transfer:

  • Movement to a different hospital**

  • Dialysis appointment**

  • Returning home from an inpatient stay**

  • Appointment where wheelchair van/standard car doesn't adequately provide the care you need**

Hospitals will coordinate interfacility transfer between hospitals/inpatient clinics/nursing homes

Please note: Calls will be answered immediately and the request will be process that day, where as an email may take longer

For Life-Threatening Emergencies Call 911


Thanks! Message sent.

*Specific services may not be covered under your insurance provider. Please contact your insurance provider for what is covered.

**Transfers may be requested as paid up front to guarantee pay for service with insurance refunding you at a later date