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When emergency services are needed every second counts. This precious time can be lost if emergency providers cannot find your address due to a lack of or not visible address number. WWAS wants to fix that and has provided a solution... Reflective 911 Signs!
You can now order them by downloading and filling out the order form bellow
Click the link below or navigate using the Menu bar!

If you have any questions/comments about our 911 reflective signs you can contact us by email below. You can also call our office at (603) 764-9494

These signs are used to mark address numbers so emergency services can find you!

You can order them for a home, business, campsite, or any other reason to mark your address!

They're made of quality weather resistant metal and are highly reflective and visible for both night and day!


They cost $15 and we will come to install them for you! They come in a green depicted below.

















All profits from the signs will go towards supporting WWAS's operations in the area.


Fill out an order form, include a location where you see it best fit and what style (vertical/horizontal). Once your order is in we will contact you via email/phone to set up a time to install the sign!


*Installation will only be available to the towns of Warren, Wentworth, Rumney, Piermont, Dorchester, Groton, Rumney, Benton, and on a "case-by-case" basis.



Thanks! Message sent.

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